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About The Artist

Siara; a self-confessed feeder, explores (in her research) being of mixed ethnic heritage, sharing food and stories in immersive theatre experiences.  Siara reflects on 1980's national front heavy area of Bradford she grew up in, the lasting impact on her family and the mixed-race diaspora that has followed.


Siara is a Specialist in Performing Arts and PhD researcher with York St John University. With a career that spans nearly four decades Siara's experience in the arts sector is an eclectic mix of on stage and behind the scenes. 

Siara enjoys work engaging communities in the arts and helping to create sustainable community theatre. She has taught young performers for over twenty years, providing tuition and support for people entering the arts as a career, as well as people using the arts to build skills for life. 

Siara lives in York with her two children and husband. She is proud to be the (self-appointed)  matriarch of the only 'Illing-Ahmed' Klan registered across the world.


Photographs by Matt Rodgers

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