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About the Show
I am Mixed, A Series Of Immersive Theatrical Performances


I am Mixed is a unique storytelling experience where the audience are invited into Siara's family history with food.



Siara is a blend of South Asian, British Irish, Italian, Mongolian Portuguese and Scandinavian...according to her ancestry DNA test results.

Siara's colourful ethnic profile was reflected in many family habits throughout her childhood and adolescence but most prominent was food; South Asian and Irish Cuisine in particular. Food was used to celebrate, comfort and unite the family against the prejudice of the outside world. 

Siara tells stories that reflect on the diaspora experienced throughout the generations of her family from opposite ends of the globe and how food became a way to communicate tradition, love, support and tribe.


I am Mixed - A Hendi,

the latest in the series of immersive theatre performances coming to York, 2023/2024.

I am Mixed (A Cefill), was initially performed to an intimate audience of 12 in Siara's kitchen in October 2019.

I am Mixed (A Cefill) went on to be performed at York Theatre Royal, as part of the 'Taste of SLAP' Festival in York 2020 and was met with great enthusiasm and excellent reviews.

I am Mixed- A Door Step Delivery May 21 - July 22, was performed on doorsteps across Yorkshire.  At a time when the Covid-19 pandemic closed theatre's, like all good code switchers I am Mixed, turned up on the doorstep with a meal in hand and shared the stories of years gone by. 

I am Mixed- A Hendi, is a mixer of a great girls night out (The British Hen doo) and a Modern take on the South Asian Mehndi. 

I am Mixed- A Doorstep Delivery

Performance Dates;


01/10/2021- York. 


I am Mixed-A Door Step Delivery, is inspired by the loss of Live performance due to the covid-19 pandemic.
The concept evolved from the way in which people managed the monotony of lockdown with; takeaways and those cherished socially distanced, 10 minute garden visit's to loved ones. 
Order your meal, book your time slot and wait for Siara to turn up.  Siara performs a short story on your doorstep, (at a social distance) then leaves you to enjoy the meal and reflect on the experiences shared (one house hold can order three meals, each meal is served with a 10 minute story). 


I am Mixed- A Cefill

A Taste of SLAP - York Theatre Royal 2020


I am Mixed - A Cefill, (a cross between an Indian Mafhil and an Irish Ceilidh) is an immersive, autobiographical performance about growing up in 1980's National Front Heavy Bradford as a Mixed-Race child. The audience sit down with Siara while she serves them food and tells stories of her childhood.

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